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Career Technical Educator

I have been a dedicated servant to the City of Chico since 2009. I am serving my third term as Chair of one of the city’s boards and commissions. During that time I have advised the city council about grant funding allocations, collaborated on policy making, founded a non-profit auxiliary in collaboration with the North Valley Community Foundation, participated in strategic planning, and created informational tours for the public on city investments. (I have helped or brokered numerous funds in collaboration with the North Valley Community Foundation, including a fund where my students raised over $500 in scholarship funding for a fellow graduate student) I know how the city operates and I understand complex budgets. As a volunteer to city service, I also helped conduct an Economic Impact Survey of local non-profit organizations and was able to help document $17 million of funding revenue.

Community Champion

Public Safety is my top concern. Citizens of Chico should be entitled to a quality of life that is free from risk of fire, flood, or crime. They should be able to enjoy our parks and waterways without fear of other citizens who need social service, mental health, or substance abuse services. I am a new voice to city executive leadership, a needed new listener for all voters.

I advocate for a healthy community in all of the ways that contribute to public safety. Smart planning for housing that is inclusive and affordable, clean parks, drivable roads, economic development and yes, even the arts, are all components of a safe and vibrant town.

District 3 Concerns

Infrastructure in District 3 has been neglected. The Rio Lindo Channel has become vastly overgrown in need of care and trash removal to reduce extreme fire hazard. We can't let it become a place of neglect and crime.


California State University, Chico — Art History, 1996

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